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At 17 years of age, Dr. Malooley was working a summer job in a gravel pit and developed an infection on his skin from an adverse reaction to the lime in the gravel.  That infection infiltrated his bloodstream, settled in his spine (osteomyelitis), and nearly killed him.  After months in the hospital, he survived- but the scar tissue that remained where the infection once resided left him in chronic pain for years to follow.  Fed up with muscle relaxers and pain pills that only masked the problem, Dr. Malooley decided to try Chiropractic.  After his first adjustment, he felt instant relief because the adjustment released the chronic fixation that remained after his spinal infection! After about a month of treatment, his symptoms resolved and his quality of life significantly improved. Needless to say, Dr. Malooley became passionate about Chiropractic and realized his purpose in life was to help others as he was helped.

Being a graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, places him within a select group of elite Practitioners. Beyond that, Dr. Malooley has extensive training in Chiropractic Orthopedics and Active Release Technique; thus allowing him to be a Diagnostic Specialist of Muscle-Medicine and a Master Practitioner of Manual Therapy

Humanitarian Service: In 2008, Dr. Malooley traveled to the Fijian Islands on a humanitarian mission to provide healthcare to the poverty stricken native islanders. In just 6 clinic days, he and his team helped over 2,000 Fijians.  Dr. Malooley donates his time and money to various philanthropic organizations and strives to make a positive impact on his community.

Professional Athletes: Dr. Malooley has trained with the team Chiropractors of the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. They have instructed him in Active Release Technique, a precise method of treating muscles & joints.  In 2009, Dr. Malooley was the Official Chiropractor for the undefeated, league champion Chicago Slaughter Professional Arena Football Team.  He continues to work with athletes of all caliber, keeps them healthy, and trains them to perform at their optimal level.

Distinguished Lecturer: Dr. Malooley is recognized as a dynamic speaker on topics that range from Headaches & Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Shoulder Impingements, Knee & Hip Problems, Joint Rehabilitation, Stress, etc…

Your Community's Chiropractic Specialist: As a NeuroMusculoSkeletal Specialist, Dr. Malooley is going to provide the Cary-Grove & Crystal Lake communities first class healthcare for years to come.  He knows what it is like to be in pain and how to get rid of it.  He is going to do everything he can to help you and your family maintain their body's structure to ensure healthy function- throughout the duration of their lives!


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  • "I never knew I could feel so good. I have been to Chiropractors before, but they never were able to fix the problem. Dr. Malooley's full body approach to healthcare works and I have never been happier!!"
    Jackie T. (Elgin, Il)